Ljubljana visit

 Where is Ljubljana, how to get to Ljubljana, places to visit in Ljubljana, where to stay in Ljubljana, what to eat in Ljubljana? Before moving on to questions like this, let me tell you a little about how and when we went to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the city of dragons. On the way back from our Croatia trip, there was a very cute capital of Slovenia on the way. Let's stop by for 2 days,' we said, and we turned our route to the not very famous country of Europe. We were in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, after a 2.5-hour drive from Croatia's Krk Island. Honestly, we didn't know anything about Ljubljana. So what are the places to visit in Ljubljana along the way? Where to stay in Ljubljana? What are the local dishes of Slovenia? How much does it cost to eat and drink in Ljubljana? Is Ljubljana expensive? we started researching. Before we get into the details of our trip, let's give a little information about this not very well known country, Slovenia.